Going Back to School

I’m going back to school. Finally. I am so close to graduation, I can taste it, but I never did. I’ve got dust in my mouth and the rancid breath of starvation. I should have graduated ten years ago, but I lost my financial aid. Life sucks.

So I’ve been floating around. Mostly doing dumb jobs for call-centers, national pizza chains and the largest retailer on the planet. And I’ve been a substitute teacher. I liked substitute teaching the most, but it paid the least. The very least. Regular teachers here in Utah do get paid better than substitutes, but pizza delivery pays much more as did being a retail manager.

So what do I want: 1) a job that pays loads or 2) self-respect?

No insult to my pizza-delivery friends, especially the guys who’ve done it for ten years or more; but I need the self-respect. My head needs it. My soul needs it. I literally feel myself getting stupider as if IQ points dribble out my ears as I argue with people about literature, art, politics, music and comics. People who have never read more than DC or Marvel and album liner-notes. People who voted for and against Donald Trump based on crap they’ve read on Facebook and Twitter. People recreating with WoW, LoL, SWTOR, Steam, Playstation, Sudoku and free-Porn. People who are satisfied.

I’ve got to go back to school.

I’m not satisfied.


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