Finally. Utah Valley University . . . Guh!

Utah Valley University (UVU) finally came through and sent me the email they were supposed to two days ago.

I called yesterday morning early after getting the wrong email from the UVU Admissions Department and got a flunky who promised a new email showing I’m a current student and readmitted. I got an email saying I was admitted, but one insisting I go through the process I went through back in the 1990s when I fist went to UVU. They needed all my transcripts from BYU and elsewhere and my DD214. Yeah. They have all that crap. Oh, and I have to apply for a new student account. So, I called back for some more phone tree hockey.

The bureaucrat on the line this time had no clue, putting me on hold while she went for help. She came back and said she couldn’t find anything about my previous experience, my one hundred plus credits, my BYU transcripts and as far as she could tell, I’d never even attended UVU before.

I sent her back to look some more. Eventually, she came back and I could hear two supervisors behind her pointing things out. They told her to check off some stuff on a drop down menu and enter my matriculation date into another field. They said there was a hold and that I’d have to check with my academic adviser. I don’t mind. I like her.

And . . . oh yeah, I should be getting another email saying all is well. I got that email. I’m in and no hoops to jump through. Right?

Nope. I want to start planning my fall schedule and I can’t because the online tool that collates and analyzes classes taken and requirements left is broken. Only for me it seems. It works for everyone else. I spoke to IT about this before, but they wanted me to resolve my student status first. Now there is no excuse for them to fix a problem they could’ve fixed easily enough Monday morning.

More phone tree hockey tomorrow.

Ya gotta love it.


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