Matriculated Again at Utah Valley University

It finally happened. The last huddles fell and I am a student again at Utah Valley University matriculated in English with an emphasis in Creative Writing. I am as optimistic as I can be.

There is some bad news. Because I lost my original matriculation status so long ago, there are a bunch of new classes to take. I went from only needing thirteen credits to needing thirty-eight credits for graduation. That’s a lot.

Some are language classes which I wanted to take anyway, but are now mandatory. Grad schools in English don’t see the value of any math past Algebra and since I’ve gone as far as differential equations they think I’ve wasted my time. But that was a different lifetime. I’ve decided I want to take French. I’ve already taken French 1010 once, but fought with the professor about how inherently sexist French was structurally (and often culturally) and that it needs cleaning up. It pissed me off that French was of more value than mathematics and I said so. My grade went from an A to a D overnight and stayed there. When I take French this time, I’ll keep my opinions to myself through all four semesters.

I have to take the Intro to the English Major and the Senior Seminar and a general grammar class. Because I do have a minor in Religious Philosophy, I need to take two final classes there wrapping up the minor (it used to only be one class).

The last few classes are all new creative writing classes. I have two new classes to take in poetry, one in play-writing and two creative-process theory seminars.

Thirty-eight credits (or forty-four if I want the minor) that can not be taken all at once. It is now four semesters I have to do. I was hoping at the most two semesters.

I am optimistic. I can do the classes and earn As. I’m just a little bummed that there is so much to do.


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