Driving to Ephraim, Utah

I love to drive. I particularly like to drive to Utah’s small towns. Yesterday was shopping day for Jim and I’m his wheels, unfortunately he had a family baptism to go to in the morning and then there was a lunch. We postponed his shopping trip to the only time that was available for the both of us: this morning at nine. It was one of those “ox in the mire” things since Jim has no car and we’re both scheduled to the hilt.

On top of that, my allergies have been acting up. One of the best things I do if meds aren’t working or if I don’t want to get stoned out on allergy pills is drive. Drive far.

I convinced Jim driving to Ephraim’s Walmart would be better than going to the Orem Walmart. The Ephraim Walmart is small with small crowds and the Orem Walmart is always evil. So I loaded up the grandkids, dropped Andy off at Doterra and grabbed Jim.

The drive was nice. I did just over the speed limit the whole way, enjoying the speed of I-15 and the twists of Sanpete County after we got off at Nephi. Jim hadn’t been to Sanpete County since he was a kid attending the Manti Pageant, so it was a good trip for him.

We shopped and got some pop at the Maverik Gas Station and the headed. It was a good day to drive and talk and I’m glad we went.


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