Sorting Books and Comics

I’m going through my books right now and find what I need to reread before I get back to school. I am going to read all my Kafka stuff since my research focuses on that, but I think I need to reread everything I have on scansion and form. I prolly ought to read the crap out of a bunch of poets. Not just the ones I love, but some of the classics and some contemporary stuff, too.

I prolly ought to read some philosophy, too. Blah.

I prolly ought to read more comics to be honest. I have some comic theory and practice books, but there are some books I don’t have. I need to go back to reddit, be nice to the trolls and catch up on all the hot webcomics.

I also need to repurchase a lot of comic strip collections I used to have as well. You know: Shultz, Watterson and Larson. I have one of the Pogo collections. There are a bunch of French cartoonist I need to read or catch up on.

Wow. There’s a lot to do. If you have any recommendations for comics to read, let me know when you see me or in the comments below.


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