Setting-up a Study Area

With allergies eating my sinuses alive (I went through the last of my Kleenex tissues and a roll of TP), I decided to delay setting up a study schedule and instead rearranged my bedroom to better facilitate studying. I’m not done of course, but I am closer than I was yesterday.

For those who don’t know, I live with my kids and grand-kids in the spare bedroom. I watch the grand-kids while their parents work. Until two weeks ago, that was most days for most of the day. My bedroom was set up for privacy and easy access to drawing stuff. Mostly the room was dark, sock be-strewn and cluttered–pretty much the way I like it, but not if I have to study.

The room looks a lot better now. It looks like a normal person’s room with two fish tanks, two book shelves, a World War II era navy crate holding up the twenty gallon long, a bed with mismatched linens and twenty-something year old pillows, a card-table for the laptop, white and colored milk-crate laundry hampers crammed into the closet under all the hanging clothing I can’t wear since I’m too fat, the largest desk-top scanner money could buy in 2010 under the card-table and the document shredder next to the dead six year-old iMac hiding behind the laundry hampers, machete, light sabers, Nerf ax and spare linen bag (none of those match either, but they’re clean). The drafting desk and drafting supplies I moved down to the play room, so I could draw when the babies were playing. I think it looks great.

I’ll tweak a few things like rearranging the books, violin, tool chest and do-dad boxes filled with crap no one but me would want.


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