Comics; Expression Only or Also a Teaching Craft.

Part of my interest in comics is production, not just academics. Now I’m not necessarily talking about the production of my comic. I’m kinda weak and need a lot of practice. I lack a lot of the skill other artists seem to have in abundance, but that’s okay.

But what if I did? What if I got so good, I earned a living with my comic? Would this be a betrayal of the art, if I also taught others and studied it myself as well as practiced the art?

There are plenty of poets, authors and play-writes who teach the creative process and research it as well as work in the industry. There is an argument against artists pursuing their art as a money-earning craft or industry. An example would be Franz Kafka. He worked as a lawyer/bureaucrat rather than as a full time author, because he felt his art should not be influenced by money. That’s awesome.

I just don’t think it applies well to everyone. Sure, some of my best poetry comes from when I worked at Walmart, but should I work someplace that makes me feel like I’m not living up to my potential just for art? Or work in a bureaucratic maze like Kafka did, just for art? There are plenty of great artist who earned a living teaching their craft to others while practicing it.


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