Orem High School Argus 2017

Tuesday and today, I spent my afternoons at Orem High School helping a great friend of mine and some students prepare their Literary and Art Journal.

I have helped on many of the Argus issues in the past and I am quite happy to help this time around. I don’t get paid, so this counts as volunteer hours. Volunteer hours are very important for UVU’s graduation requirement. Now, I have hundreds of non-religious hours accumulated, so I don’t have to do Argus if I don’t want to, but honestly, it is something I enjoy doing.

Essentially, it is fun teaching kids the nerd side of being an English major while producing a real literary journal. One of the most interesting parts of the process is watching these kids deal with some very real deadlines.

Tuesday, I went over the theory of page design. It was a fast explanation,  but we went over fonts, why some fonts are better than others, leading, kerning, master pages, the importance of a style bible, watching what other magazines and journals do.

Today was a short session. I showed the editor in chief and one of the associate editors how to set up a master page in InDesign. I showed them how to place the vertical and horizontal lines accurately. I also showed them how to switch the preferences from picas to inches. I ran out of time, so we didn’t go over numbering or setting footers and headers.

One of the nice things I do is have the editor in chief hand draw a master page and then to do several versions until one pops out that makes the most sense. Our editor did a great job. Going forward will be really easy, until we have to tweak things and do some hardcore copy-editing.


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