Decommissioned Clone Trooper #Starwars

I play Star Wars the Old Republic Massively Multiplayer Online (SWTOR) video game. I started during beta and have played consistently ever since. I am not a fanatical player since I have way too much other stuff going on in my life, but I try to play as often as I can. Either I subscribe or I do the free-to-play option. I’ll probably cut down quite a bit when I go to school, since there are several things more important than video games in my life.

What I’d love to see is a new Star Wars MMO. See, SWTOR is great, but it covers a part of Star Wars lore I could care less about. Don’t get me wrong, I just like the Clone Wars through the Rebellion period a lot better than the Old Republic period. Basically, I’d love to see a Star Wars the Dark Times MMO. Yes, there would be loads of problems with Dark Horse comics and title licensing issues, but that would/could be overcome.

The games would have to start during the finally campaigns found in the Clone Wars cartoons right up to Order 66 and then straight through to the beginning to Star Wars: A New Hope.

I have thought of the many classes, races, and planets that would work and the first ‘race’ that I’d like to play is a clone trooper. decommissioned clone trooper man mohawk star wars The clone troopers can actually be several classes, like SWTOR’s Vanguard, Commando, Gunslinger, and Sniper. When you watch the Clone Wars cartoons, you’ll notice clone troopers following these roles as well as Diplomat/Naval Officer and Tech Engineer.

Yes, all clone troopers would start out being thrown in the middle of combat on the planet Kamino during Asajj Ventress’ and General Grievous’ assault on the cloning facility. Every clone character class would start as a “shiny” clone in a different part of the assault, but each one of the clone troopers serving in the 501st Legion in their appropriate role. Right from the beginning, the clone trooper would be shot at, being in combat constantly, having class and planetary missions as well as several side missions all working to save Kamino from the Separatists. Eventually the first quarter of the game would end with Order 66 and where the clone trooper personally kills the Jedi the most loyal to. The game would end many years when the clone is quite old, after his inhibitor chip has been removed, but has successfully helped the rebellion get a foothold under the masterful guidance and military prowess of the clone trooper. OR the exact opposite, where the clone leads Imperial military legions against the Rebels, pushing them into deep space.

In either Dark or Light ending (or whatever permutations this takes–for example, a dark-hearted, evil clone who supports the Rebels or a kind, wise clone who feels the only way to find galactic peace is through the Empire), the Clone always starts in Kamino, but ends up as a Rebel or Imperial.


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