Clones: Character Basics

The Dark Times are a part of Star Wars fans like me see little of and know even less about (especially after the Disney purge). The television show Star Wars: Rebels is as close as we get, but I wish could interact interact with the far deeper story. A new Star Wars MMO would do just that. The current Star Wars MMO, Star Wars; the Old Republic (SWTOR), is fun to play, but I’d love to play something relating to the movies.

SWTOR follows two different types of storylines and then side quests that are nice, but often have little to do the over-arching story. Nice enough, but what about race/cultural storylines? What about alignment storylines?

Today, I’m focusing on briefly indicating the details for Clones as a playable race/culture for the Republic. Clones are a three way race/culture where the Clone mold, Jango Fett, was a human and also a Mandalorian Bounty Hunter, adopting elements of being a human and a Mandalorian. In addition to both of those two elements, Clones are the Republic’s expendable soldier forming a distinct and interesting galactic sub-culture. The cartoon The Clone Wars does a great job explaining a lot of their story and why they are so interesting, but a closer experience of their lives upto Order 66 through The Dark Times and then finally to the conclusion of The Battle of Yavin Four.

I will be working on a four part storyline, just not today. Today, I want to cover the different types of Clone character classes that would be fun to play. In SWTOR, there are two trooper classes, Vanguard and Commando. If we treat Clones as a race/culture, then we must determine the classes they are most likely to be played beyond just being a Trooper. Here are the three core classes with two sub-types each:

  1. Infantry Trooper: A) Heavy Trooper B) Assault Trooper
  2. Irregular Trooper: A) Scout B) Sniper
  3. Support Trooper: A) Officer B) Tech Specialist

The Heavy Troopers are similar to SWTOR’s Commando Trooper and Assault Troopers are like Vanguards and that covers most of the troopers in the movies and cartoons. They are both my favorite to play in SWTOR. I love shooting virtual guns and a Clone Infantry Trooper would be amazing.

But what about Captains Rex and Cody? They aren’t either a Vanguard or a Commando. They are much more like SWTOR’s Smuggler subclass, the Gunslinger. Rex and Cody are good hand-to-hand fighters, but are even better dual-wielding two pistols, making them classic Irregular Troopers much like a special ops soldier, carrying-out the more intriguing and brutal of small squad missions.

In the background of the movies and the cartoons are several other types that would be very fun to play, like the sniper, officer, and technician. These classes would be diplomats, spies, and saboteurs, moving around the fringes of battles, destroying defenses, disabling computer systems, and command elements.

When the player starts character creation, they would select first Republic not Separatist, then select “Clone” as their race, and then select one of the six classes available to them. The only draw back is all the Clones look the same in the face and in physical construction, but obviously, the Clones make a few personal selections like haircolor, haircuts, facial hair, scars, tattoos, eye-color contact lenses, and skin complexion (not color or tone, however–they’re still genetically Jango Fett).

As soon as the character is completed, the Clone opens their dormitory door (without any prelude cut-scenes giving missions or anything) and starts shooting at droids with the lowest quality gear a shiney Clone gets to carry, having only one objective, getting from point A to point B while killing twenty Separatist Battle-Bots and completing a couple bonus quests relevant to their classes that pop up while the battle unfolds.



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