I Wish I Read More Comics

I started reading comics. Again. I took a year off. Keep in mind, when I read comics before, I meant daily, newspaper style political cartoons. I would really have loved being a political cartoonist, but I am just not partisan enough to be an effective political cartoonist. I’ve taken loads of those political surveys to plot where I am politically and I always come out a centrist with slight libertarian tendencies.

Yeah, it didn’t make sense to me either. The biggest problem is I gave up when the Republicans decided to nominate Trump and Clinton looked inevitable. I couldn’t believe our country would nominate the two least qualified people to be president.

Please, I don’t want to argue.

So, I’ve had a reset. I’m reading new comics by artists I’ve never read before and it’s a hard journey. I do not find pleasure in the comics I used to read daily (except Bug Martini). So I’ve had to re-examine the types of comics I want to read and also produce. As of today, I’ve published two comics and scheduled another, but I deleted one of the comics and am quite nervous about the other two comics. I have the same problems with what I’m producing and what I am trying to find to read.

This sucks, but I would love suggestions.

What am I looking for? Ummm:

  1. Non-political. I’m looking for something that isn’t political. This, of course, is impossible, but I would like if politics rarely, if ever, comes up. I do know the cartoonist’s politics will always bleed/leech through, but I would like politics not to be the subject of the comic.
  2. No Porn. I’m looking for something where sex isn’t important. This is not impossible, but I need to be clear, I’d like a comic where the gender identity, gender demographics, and sexual preferences and habits of the comic characters is unimportant to the direction of the comic.
  3. No RPGs. I’m looking for something where old D&D/Pathfinder campaigns are not rehashed in even the most interesting of ways. I play Pathfinder and started playing D&D back when D&D books came with staple binding. I love the game, but RPG comics are beat to death and generally boring.
  4. No Super People/Things. I’m looking for something where superheroes might exist, but just have no bearing on the characters involved. I hate spandex. I hate mutants. I hate powered people. The metaphor is boring, over-wrought, and cliche.
  5. Non Fiction (-ish). I’m looking for memoir, journalistic, and educational comics respecting the above requirements even if they incorporate some fiction elements.

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