100 Days of Poetry: Day One — A Rough Draft

Every once in a while, I’ll see blogs where someone tries to improve themselves by performing a 100 days of something. I thought I might do this with comics, but soon realized, I’m going to school in the fall for poetry. I guess I better do a 100 Days of Poetry. This does not mean I will be writing 100 poems. I could do it, but the poems would suck.

My basic idea is I’d write poetry for at least thirty minutes (or more) and report here daily, showing my progress.

The poem I’m posting today started during church, bounced around my head for a while afterwards, and then leaked out of my pen at night after everyone went to sleep. Here is the rough draft (and no, I don’t have a title, yet):


Rust flecked, heavy,

hatcheted, and

groaning, the hymn,

an exposed nail

head stepped upon

trailing blood, missed

its notation’s

verve: “fervently.”


A bucket of

nose-up feeder

mackerel calling

dirges to the

moon, silver haired


flinch at tempo:

“too fast, slow down.”


I’ve got this cross

of rusted nails

and brown-bagged fish

barrowed from who

knows. I horror

over the stains

vinegar can’t

absolve: “millstones.”


This grist ground with

bonito and

and English man’s

bones and bakes well

enough for lunch

egg, mayo, and

chive sandwiches

murmurs, “yummy.”


There’s this hammer

banging lifted

up nails, clawing

out the ones that

won’t settle and

sings hymns in tune,

loud, and righteous:

“bang, bang, bang, bang.”


Obviously, there are some problems. Over the next week or so I hope to polish this up, so I can start something new next week.

Do you have a suggestion? Comment below.


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